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Social Media Tips for Cleaning Businesses

September 23, 2022

Using social media is a cost-effective way to gain exposure, increase your credibility, and build trust from customers. With many customers increasingly using social media as a way to check the authenticity of local services, it’s vital that you make the most of your online platforms. Discover the top six most valuable social media tips to amp up your cleaning business’ success.

Why Use Social Media for Your Cleaning Business?

90% of businesses heavily utilize social media as a marketing tool, and 75% of those businesses saw an increase in traffic due to their digital marketing efforts.

Here are some of the top reasons to use social media to promote your cleaning company:

  • It’s inexpensive: Unless you use features such as ads or automated posts, opening and running a social media account is completely free. In comparison, having a professional-looking website requires start-up and recurring costs.
  • It can increase your exposure: With features like Instagram’s “Explore” page and TikTok’s “For You” page, it is easy to reach your target audience. A social media user’s feed heavily depends on the posts they engage with. Each time a user likes, clicks, or comments on a post, social media platforms collect this information and create an algorithm. This means there is an increased possibility that your content will reach the social media feed of your target market.
  • It allows you to collect reviews: Social media opens the door for testimonials, referrals, and reviews, which are some of the most powerful tools for retaining and acquiring new clients.
  • It provides you with helpful analytics: Many social media platforms provide useful information about your audience, including their location, age, gender, and more. With an Instagram business account, you have free access to this information, giving you a better understanding of the type of people you’re targeting. You will also be able to find out the ideal time to post according to your feed and analytics.

Overall, using the right social media strategies will help you turn potential clients into paying customers and rise above your competitors.

Top 6 Social Media Tips for Your Cleaning Company

Keep reading to learn the top six ways to take advantage of your social media platforms to increase your customer base and grow your cleaning business.

1. Connect With Your Audience

Posting on your social media channels several times a week can help you connect with existing and potential customers. Doing so helps your cleaning business stay top-of-mind and will likely drive more leads.

To enhance your cleaning business’s credibility and relevance, seek out feedback online and respond appropriately to it. This will validate customers’ choices of choosing your service and will encourage potential clients to trust your business as well.

For instance, if a customer shares a desire for laundry services in addition to their regular cleanings, you can consider offering this new service for a reasonable price. By doing so, you are able to keep up with your target audience and adapt to their needs and expectations.

By connecting with your customers, you’re showing that you care for them and you take your cleaning service seriously. This will help drive positive reviews and build your reputation.

2. Incorporate Hashtags

Hashtags are used to create authentic conversations about common interests like cleaning.

By utilizing the most active hashtags in your industry and location, you can target people searching for a cleaning service in your area. Incorporating city, state, or local terms will help you drive engagement and get in front of your ideal clients in your region.

Try to use big hashtags with over 1 million posts, medium hashtags with 100,000 to 500,000 posts, and small hashtags with anything under. Although it can be useful to use big hashtags, there is a higher chance of trending or being the top post with a smaller hashtag. The most effective approach is to use a few from each tier.

3. Use Facebook Groups

Cleaning-related Facebook Groups are designed for like-minded professionals to share their passions around cleaning, problems, needs, and other thoughtful content. There are two ways to take advantage of Facebook Groups for cleaners: create your own or join other groups to market your business.

When creating your own Facebook Group, it’s important to determine its purpose. For example, you can create a group where you can encourage people to post tips and tricks about their cleaning business. Share ideas, ask questions, and comment on other posts consistently to make members feel like they are gaining valuable knowledge and start engaging more.

On the other hand, joining Facebook Groups will enable you to learn from fellow cleaning professionals and stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. Joining the top cleaning business groups will connect you with hundreds or even thousands of professional cleaners with whom you can discuss cleaning business growth tips.

Utilizing Facebook Groups opens the door to engaging with a community full of support. Not only can you ask for advice or any help you need to grow your cleaning business, but you can also get your name out there and market your cleaning business effectively.

4. Post Both Photos and Videos

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In reality, both photos and videos go hand in hand when it comes to your cleaning business.

Growthoid reports that with the heightened popularity of video content, “70% of marketers are looking to increase ad spend in video.” By posting cleaning tutorials, behind-the-scenes, and other educational cleaning video content, you can showcase your skills and business to your ideal clients.

Testimonial videos of clients talking about how appreciative and pleased they are with the quality of your work can be a great addition to your social media platforms as well. Overall, your primary content needs to include images and videos to ensure that you catch the attention of your potential clients and add credibility to your cleaning business.

5. Automate Your Posts

One of the best ways to grow your social media presence is to be consistent and post regularly. Although posting frequency varies per business and social media platform, it is recommended to post at least once a day. But for a busy cleaning business owner, posting to social media one or more times a day may not be feasible.

For this reason, automating your social media posts can be invaluable for your business. Having automated posts is a useful tool for staying consistent with your social media accounts. If necessary, use a third-party app for automated posts, such as Hootsuite, if you have trouble managing and keeping track of it yourself.

6. Write a Cleaning Blog

Writing a cleaning blog can help you solidify your online presence, brand your cleaning business, and attract more visitors to your social media channels. The following is a guide to writing a cleaning blog:

  • Determine your focus: What kind of topics do you want to blog about? Some options include a list of cleaning tips, how to start your own professional cleaning business, and more.
  • Find keywords: Use Google Trends to find the best words to incorporate throughout your blog to help it stand out and rank well when people search online for the topic.
  • Create your outline: Break up takeaways and main points of your topic into sections. This will help you write your blog in a good flow.
  • Include in-text links: Link to your other content to help keep readers on your site and provide a good user experience. You can also link to other companies’ pages when quoting them to open a window for guest blogging partnership opportunities.
  • Include images: Relevant and visually appealing images allow you to break up the text, helping your blog be more memorable and fun to read.
  • Include a call to action: This element of your blog will encourage readers to take a desired action, such as booking your cleaning service or getting a pricing quote.

Keep in mind that the most important thing to remember when creating content is to provide value for your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Social Media

How can I promote my cleaning business on Facebook?

As mentioned above, joining Facebook Groups, using relevant hashtags, and posting consistently can help your business get traction and attract new customers.

If you want to promote your cleaning business on Facebook through paid ads, consider opting for Facebook Messenger ads as they can generate leads at a reasonable expense.

How do you grow a cleaning business on Instagram?

According to Demand Sage, “2 billion people interact with reels every month.” This means that Instagram’s video feature, called “reels,” continues to grow in popularity and is a powerful tool to feature your services. Posting videos regularly will boost exposure, showing your cleaning business to more potential clients.

Some reel ideas include talking about your business and team, showing your favorite cleaning products in action, or sharing cleaning tips and tricks. Anything that is informational and valuable to your audience can enhance your cleaning business’s visibility on Instagram.

What kind of cleaning posts goes viral?

According to SocialPilot, motivational content, how-to guides, and humanized stories tend to go viral most often. Within these categories, you can incorporate the social media tips discussed above to create engaging content and attract more clients to your cleaning business.

Take Advantage of Social Media and Grow Your Customer Base

Knowing how to promote your cleaning business on social media can help you save on marketing costs, build connections with customers, and increase your market reach.

As you grow your cleaning business and gain more followers, you may need to hire more cleaning staff to take over cleaning projects so you can manage your business efficiently. Once you build your cleaning crew, download the free Taskbird app to centralize communication, automate schedules, improve workflows, and take your business to the next level.

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