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Top 10 Facebook Cleaning Groups for Professional Cleaners

July 22, 2022

Facebook Groups are a great place for like-minded cleaning experts to come together and share valuable information and advice about all things cleaning. Learn about some of our favorite Facebook cleaning groups where you’ll find valuable resources and discussions to help start, build, and scale your cleaning business.

How Can Facebook Groups Help You Grow Your Cleaning Business?

Facebook Groups are an excellent way to find fellow cleaning professionals, receive essential knowledge and advice, and share the “wins” of your own cleaning business. Learn more about these benefits below.

Share Your Own Experience

Facebook Groups give you the opportunity to share your own experiences, which may be invaluable to another cleaning professional in the group.

On the flip side, other cleaners will naturally share their experiences as well, establishing connections and helpful “aha” moments when dealing with new situations.

Gain Support

Operating a cleaning business can be stressful, especially when you have a hectic schedule and you’re responsible for managing a team.

When you’re beginning to get overwhelmed, it’s helpful to have a safe place where you can freely vent and ask for advice. Facebook Groups can serve as an online support system to give you guidance, valuable insights, or simply a space to rant.

A strong network of support can help you during the challenging times of your cleaning business venture.

Get Answers

With Facebook Groups, you’ll be able to connect with other cleaning professionals who can serve as a great resource for any questions or concerns you may have about running a cleaning business.

Say you need advice on determining how much to charge for house cleaning or selecting the best liability insurance. Facebook Groups are a great place to get real-time question-and-answer sessions. Best yet, you’ll also find questions and tips that you haven’t even thought of before.

Find Helpful Ideas

Facebook Groups allow a community of like-minded individuals to share helpful, real, and interesting ideas that can foster growth for your own cleaning business. Consider them your go-to space for learning about any and all cleaning- or business-related topics.

10 Best Facebook Groups for Cleaning Business Owners

The heart of any business is having a strong network. The list of Facebook Groups below will be a great sense of help and support for you and your cleaning business.

The groups are scored out of 10 (with 10 being the best) based on the following:

  • Quality of content
  • Response quality from members and admin
  • Frequency of activity and number of responses
  • Control over spamming posts

1. The Commercial Cleaner’s Forum

Members: 18.5K

If you want to learn how to be competitive in the cleaning industry, the Commercial Cleaner’s Forum is full of helpful strategies and tips for setting your cleaning service pricing and rates.

As the cleaning industry continues to grow, you can work to maximize your revenue by taking advantage of pricing discussions and industry trends with fellow cleaning professionals.

  • Quality of content: 9.2
  • Response quality: 9.5
  • Frequency of activity: 9.1
  • Control over spam posts: 9.7
  • Total: 9.375

2. Scale My Cleaning Business

Members: 3.5K

To optimize the operational efficiency of your cleaning business, you need to have processes in place that can help you save time and money.

The members of Scale My Cleaning Business consistently discuss hot topics driven by business growth opportunities and tips. The group can help you find top-notch automation tools to become a more efficient and well-rounded cleaning business.

  • Quality of content: 8.1
  • Response quality: 9.1
  • Frequency of activity: 8.9
  • Control over spam posts: 6.5
  • Total: 8.15

3. American House Cleaners Association

Members: 28.5K

Professional cleaners sometimes feel underappreciated; maybe you feel the same way. The American House Cleaners Association’s mission is to increase respect, awareness, and recognition for cleaners in an effort to professionalize the cleaning industry nationwide.

Join this Facebook Group to support, collaborate with, and show appreciation toward other professionals in the cleaning community.

  • Quality of content: 9.8
  • Response quality: 9.5
  • Frequency of activity: 9.6
  • Control over spam posts: 9.5
  • Total: 9.6

4. Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Members: 1.4M

Everyone has their own techniques and methods when it comes to cleaning, but even the most established cleaning business owners can agree that there’s always something to learn.

The popular Cleaning Tips and Tricks group is filled with clever hacks to help you level up your cleaning skills.

  • Quality of content: 9.6
  • Response quality: 9.6
  • Frequency of activity: 9.6
  • Control over spam posts: 9.6
  • Total: 9.6

5. Cleaning Business Tips

Members: 5.2K

A cleaning business is a great way to earn an income while helping others. In fact, part of the motto of the Cleaning Business Tips Facebook Group says: “we’re not just scrubbing toilets, we’re affecting lives.”

Being a member of this group will make you feel valued and supported, as the members and admin highly encourage you to share some laughs and vent with each other.

  • Quality of content: 9.5
  • Response quality: 9.1
  • Frequency of activity: 9.3
  • Control over spam posts: 9.5
  • Total: 9.35

6. Your House Cleaning Business

Members: 20K

Growing your business requires harnessing the power of community to get insider tips and answers to your most pressing questions.

The Your House Cleaning Business group focuses on helping its members improve the quality of their cleaning service and online presence. The group members are eager to support one another — so if you’re just getting started on scaling your cleaning business, this is a must-join group.

  • Quality of content: 8.8
  • Response quality: 9.1
  • Frequency of activity: 9.3
  • Control over spam posts: 9.5
  • Total: 9.175

7. Cleaning Your Home

Members: 206.8K

In the Cleaning Your Home group, you can find information about insightful topics including interior and exterior cleaning, top cleaning equipment, and tools to increase the productivity and overall quality of your cleaning service.

  • Quality of content: 9.1
  • Response quality: 9.4
  • Frequency of activity: 9.5
  • Control over spam posts: 9.5
  • Total: 9.375

8. Professional House Cleaners

Members: 20K

The Professional House Cleaners group is full of various types of experts in the cleaning industry, including maids, janitors, housekeepers, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to reach across cleaning niches and get the answers you’re looking for from fellow professionals.

  • Quality of content: 9.6
  • Response quality: 9.7
  • Frequency of activity: 9.6
  • Control over spam posts: 9.5
  • Total: 9.6

9. Cleaning Up: Support & Guidance for Cleaning Professionals and Companies

Members: 10.1K

If you’re a seasoned cleaner but not so savvy in business, Cleaning Up: Support & Guidance for Cleaning Professionals and Companies can connect you with experienced and knowledgeable cleaning business owners. In this group, you’re encouraged to reach out and seek advice to help you have more lucrative business strategies.

  • Quality of content: 9.6
  • Response quality: 9.3
  • Frequency of activity: 9.6
  • Control over spam posts: 9.5
  • Total: 9.5

10. Taskbird Community

Taskbird Community is a new group for cleaning and maintenance experts created by Taskbird, a team collaboration software that can help you centralize communication and management for your cleaning crew’s projects.

In this group, Taskbird users come together to ask questions, share stories, and learn tips for using the Taskbird app. The group administrators are active in providing helpful and timely answers for each inquiry, allowing users to develop systemized and streamlined businesses while maximizing profits.

  • Quality of content: 9.5
  • Response quality: 9.6
  • Frequency of activity: 8.9
  • Control over spam posts: 9.9
  • Total: 9.475

Use Facebook Cleaning Groups to Level Up Your Cleaning Business

Don’t miss out on exclusive content to benefit your cleaning business. Join the Facebook cleaning groups listed above to engage with other professionals in the industry and gain can’t-miss insights that will help you level up every aspect of your cleaning business.

See what all the buzz is about and learn more tips for growing your business by joining the Taskbird Community Facebook Group now.

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