5 Shows That Will Inspire Your Cleaning Company

June 21, 2021

Watch these shows to help you and your team gain fresh perspectives on cleaning.

Follow these top shows to watch to inspire your cleaning company.

Is your team feeling uninspired and in need of an overall enthusiasm boost? No need to look too far, a simple solution may be just a click of the remote away. Read on to find out how binge-watching some of these must-see TV shows can help your cleaning company gain inspiration and fresh perspectives for their next clean.

Sound too good to be true? Encouraging your cleaning company to binge-watch television may not seem like the best managerial move, but you may be surprised with the outcome. Simply watching these must-see series can help your team develop new cleaning strategies, time management tips, and other cleaning and decluttering hacks to help them clean more efficiently.

Now, grab the remote, turn on a new show, and get ready to be inspired.

1. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Where to Watch: Netflix

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Cleaning

A great starting point is the Netflix original series Tidying Up hosted by Marie Kondo, which is the perfect binge-watchable show for everyone to enjoy. This show, released in 2019, immediately caught the world’s attention with Marie’s “KonMari Method.” The reality show quickly gained attention through social media, with people making trendy memes of what “sparks joy” for them.

The show’s premise includes Marie Kondo herself visiting families to help them clean and organize their messy homes. From cleaning up after toddlers to decluttering a mountain of unused items, Kondo shows how to tackle almost every cleaning hurdle.

The main takeaway from this show is the “KonMari” method of cleaning. Kondo’s approach of decluttering a house is encouraging the shows’ guests to go through things in sections. The sections are broken down into clothing, books, paper, sentimental items, and komono (the miscellaneous items including those in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, etc.).

Next, after creating sections for their belongings, the participants only keep the things that “spark joy” for them.

Utilize the KonMari method when cleaning to reduce clutter and create a better living area. Coupled with creativity, this show is a must-watch on the list of shows to watch to inspire your cleaning company employees and even yourself.

2. Bea Organized

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video (also on YouTube)

Bea Organized with Beatrice Copeland, Cleaning Company

For smaller living spaces and apartments, this show is perfect to binge-watch. Bea Organized follows Beatrice Copeland as she transforms living spaces with quick and easy hacks. Each episode is relatively short, around 3-10 minutes each, and easy to watch if you’re on a time crunch.

One main takeaway from this show to inspire your cleaning company is Bea’s dollar store hacks episode. This episode showcases quick and inexpensive ways to elevate ordinary household items. For example, she transforms a dollar store trash can into a chic side table by using hot glue and rope around the trash can to give it a weaved effect.

Another popular episode is Bea’s pantry organization scene. Bea tackles a pantry that hasn’t been organized for 25 years. She suggests sorting objects by color and adding shelves to create more space, amongst other tips.

Check out the pantry video (and many of her other videos) to get started.

3. Pure Design

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Tubi

Pure Design by Samantha Pynn

The next show is Pure Design, which takes a sustainable approach to cleaning. This show follows Samantha Pynn and her team while cleaning, organizing, and transforming people’s homes, all while being sustainable and functional.

Each episode covers a different room in a house, so this show is especially helpful when focusing on cleaning certain rooms rather than the whole house at once. Pynn covers kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and even explains how to change areas without losing their functionality.

A motivational takeaway from this show is explaining how easy it is to incorporate sustainable pieces to decorate a home. For example, Pynn uses old thrift lamps and replaces the shades to give a more “refreshed” vibe while remaining stylish.

Ultimately, Pure Design will inspire you to clean the house and completely reorganize the space as well.

4. Hot Mess House

Where to watch: Discovery+, HGTV

Hot Mess House with Cassandra Aarssen

Hot Mess House follows organizing pro Cassandra Aarssen while she helps families reorganize and clean their homes – all while staying six feet apart. Aarssen determines the family’s unique organizing styles and provides organizing assistance through a series of video calls.

In this series, Aarssen proves the multi-functional potential of any space in a home. She shows how one small room can serve as several things: a playroom, a gym, and even an office. Aarssen, with the help of craftsman Wendell Holland, transform an unused basement into a multi-service room.

Hot Mess House will inspire you to declutter and might even encourage you to suggest some low-cost, functional upgrades to your clients.

Looking for additional tips to declutter? Follow our blog for more strategies to help your team get organized.

5. Stay Here

Where to watch: Netflix

Stay Here with Genevieve Gorder

Stay Here follows designer Genevieve Gorder, as she guides property owners to refurbish and renew their vacation rental properties.

One main takeaway from this show explains tips on how to effectively market vacation rental property listings. This show helps to re-evaluate a property and encourages owners to view their rental from the guest’s point of view. In addition, there are numerous design and organization tips scattered throughout the show, so it is essential to pay attention to all of the show’s details.

Altogether, Stay Here is the ultimate vacation rental guide for organization and décor inspiration, and hopefully, help tackle any design problems that you may encounter.

Bonus Show: Hoarders

Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

As a bonus show to watch, let’s take a look at Hoarders – the American reality show presenting real-life struggles of people who hoard one too many items in their homes.

While this is not your typical cleaning and overall organization theme, Hoarders will definitely give you that itch to start cleaning. All in all, this show is an extreme depiction of what will happen if you do not maintain a clean space.

Cleaning company vacuums confetti

For cleaning companies needing some extra inspiration to kick-start the workweek, try suggesting these shows. Another solution to help boost enthusiasm and spark new ideas can be in the form of podcasts.

Suggesting these shows and podcasts may just be the inspiration your team needs.

From organization, cleaning, and decluttering, each show brings a different point of view to everyday cleaning. Now, it’s time to grab the popcorn and get watching!

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