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Running a Cleaning Business

The Importance of Communication for a Cleaning Company

July 20, 2021

Communication plays a key role in running a successful cleaning service. Read more for our tips on building and maintaining your customer base.

Man with phone. Photo by Freestocks on Unsplash.

Like any relationship that you have, communication plays an essential role in running a successful cleaning company. While running your cleaning company, it is important to grow and maintain your network while providing exceptional services. Additionally, keeping your staff happy and keeping your clients satisfied should be two of your main goals.

Communication is a subject with numerous variables and outlying factors. For example, there will be different channels of correspondence and varying levels of authority. A cleaning business owner needs to be proactive and organized at all times. On the one hand, you need to be detailed and responsive with your clients, and also with your employees. This article will cover crucial aspects of communicating while running a cleaning service.

To make communicating with your team easier, Taskbird helps cleaners stay connected. Improve operations and save money by using one app to communicate with your cleaning team.

Methods of Communication

Communicating is one thing we all need to master. Our daily lives require all forms of communicating – from a simple head nod in a virtual team meeting to speaking in front of a large crowd. In general, there are four types of communication: verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual. While visual isn’t as applicable as the other three, it is important to practice and improve all forms. And if you manage a team, you should constantly be practicing and evolving your skills.

When communicating with a group, there are many ways to relay a message. These include:

  • SMS Text messaging
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Mail
  • Third party application

Not only is it crucial to determine what method of communication works for your team, but also the mediums of communicating the message. Be sure to keep an open mind and narrow down the best options.

Communication With Your Cleaners

Establishing and keeping close contact with your employees is fundamental in any business. However, whether it pertains to scheduling or equipment, you and your cleaning service need to stay on the same page. Taskbird provides the ultimate messaging, scheduling, and payment platform for employees to stay in the loop.

If your cleaners run into an issue that needs a long explanation, a picture may suffice. Photo files can be transferred in-app to communicate any problems that may arise. Moreover, this will allow you to access urgent issues while managing employee scheduling. If there is a message that is too long to be relayed by text, calling is the second-best option.

Productive communication has various characteristics. These include:

  • Writing clear and direct messages to the person of contact
  • Providing accurate and real-time information
  • Staying consistent in sending and receiving messages
  • Responsiveness during employee work hours

Maintaining clear communication will limit misunderstandings between you and your cleaners. One way to be concise is to keep your messages short. In the cleaning industry, time is money. Your employees and your clients will appreciate quick responses and precise messages. Finally, keeping in touch with your cleaners on a regular basis will ensure that nobody is experiencing issues that need attention.

While it’s not necessary to message them excessively, checking in once in a while can help reduce confusion within the team.

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Communication With Your Customer

Once your communication is streamlined within your team, you can begin communicating with your customers. Finding customers can be done through various channels in the age of the internet. In addition to print media, social media poses an opportunity to find clients in your area. Websites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and LinkedIn allow you to network with ease.

Cleaning companies can also find work on the TurnoverBnB Marketplace where you can connect and bid on vacation rental cleaning projects. TurnoverBnB allows you to schedule projects and meet new customers, all while communicating directly on the app. Now, you don’t need to worry about delayed messages or losing emails in your inbox. Real-time push notifications allow you to connect with your clients instantly.

Once you’ve come into contact with your customer, continue to be quick and responsive. Nobody likes to wait for a response when it comes to business interactions. Maintaining timely responses throughout the transactions will keep your clients in good standing.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, communication is just as important in running a cleaning service as it is in every realm of life. Make sure that what you are saying is clear, concise, and consistent to save time. Taskbird keeps your cleaning business functioning smoothly. As your cleaning service grows, Taskbird will keep you and your employees organized. Like a broom or a mop, communication is a staple tool of any successful cleaning company.

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