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How Snow Plowing Can Build Your Cleaning Business This Off-Season

January 07, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, the winter off-season for a cleaning service can be one of the most beneficial times for the company's growth. Your cleaning business can either suffer through the cold or heat up the projections for the next busy season by doing something as simple as plowing snow from driveways.

Why Offer Snow Plowing to Build Your Cleaning Business?

Slow periods in a business’s operations come in many forms across the industry, but it is the winter months that bring forth the most challenging plummet in demand. To combat this downtime, your cleaning business can offer snow shoveling services to neighbors and friends in need.

By offering a goodwill service, you are putting your community first. This small act of kindness can go a long way and is more meaningful to a busy homeowner than most people think.

Additionally, offering snow plowing services can help increase your customer base through word-of-mouth referrals. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to market any business. In today’s digital world, this method can differentiate you from your competition on a personal level.

Your neighbors will be highly appreciative of your helpful gesture and, in turn, will tell others about your business. In other words, the small act of snow plowing a neighbor’s driveway can eventually lead to increased brand awareness and, ultimately, more customers for you.

man shoveling snow in yard

Snow Plowing Equipment for Your Cleaning Business

Before your cleaning service begins offering snow plowing this winter, you will need a few basic pieces of equipment.


The shovel you choose should be made of sturdy plastic with a metal edge to cut and break the ice. A second handle will give you better leverage, power, and control but is not necessary.

Electric Snowplow

Electric is a more sustainable choice than gas and is a subtle nod to better business practices. An electric snowplow will be easier, more time-efficient, and quieter for surrounding homes.

Proper Clothes

Dress accordingly, but keep in mind that this is not easy work and you will most likely work up a sweat. Wear layers with breathable material, but definitely wear gloves.

Helping Hands

Recruiting some helping hands for your snow plowing side hustle is a great way to help others while spending time with your friends or family. It will also break down barriers with strangers and build trust with potential clients.

Before You Grab Your Shovel or Electric Snow Plow…

Before you can begin snow plowing, you’ll need to identify houses to service. Here’s how to get the ball rolling.

  • Go door-to-door in your neighborhood. If you do not have neighbors close by, connect with staff members who do and service those areas.
  • Introduce yourself, your team, and/or your family.
  • Offer your services free of charge.
  • Ask if there are any specifications your team should know about before beginning snow plowing.
  • When you complete the job, leave a business card with a kind note on their door. Alternatively, if no one answers the door, do the entire job and leave your business information with a warm greeting.

The people to whom you offered snow plowing services may not need a cleaning service anytime soon. However, the feeling that they get from receiving a free service will remain in their head for when the right time comes.

We know that offering your services free of charge may sound counterintuitive. But once you get your foot in the door, the people whom you helped will be much more likely to inquire about your cleaning services and become delighted customers. Not to mention, they’ll probably tell their friends and family about your business too.

Step-By-Step Guide to Residential Snow Plowing

How to Snowplow With a Shovel

  • Start from the step of the home entrance and clear a path to the driveway. Do this by pushing the snow forward and lifting the piles of snow to the side of the walkway.
  • Begin on the edge of the driveway, slightly angling the shovel towards the yard to direct the snow off of the pavement.
  • Work in a straight line pushing snow from the top of the driveway to the bottom and pivoting at each end of the stretch. When the amount of snow collects in the shovel to the point where it weighs heavily on your arms, lift the full load and place the snow on the side of the driveway.
  • Repeat this process until there are no longer masses of snow or and lines between the lanes that you have plowed.
  • Clear off excess snow from the property, and shovel into the snow piles.
  • Scatter snow salt across the entire area that has been cleared (including the walkway) to prevent the ice from forming a hazardous layer.
house with snow plowed driveway

How to Snowplow With an Electric Plow

  • Start by clearing a walkway from the front entrance to the driveway.
  • Clear the driveway and point the nozzle of the plow toward the side yard.
  • Cover the cleared area with salt.
  • The heat from the machine can melt snow, but if the outside temp is below freezing, a thin layer of black ice will form.

Learn More Ways to Help Build Your Cleaning Business

Sometimes giving does much more for a company than taking, and this is a great way to be seasonal in your marketing methods. Not only is snow plowing helpful to your community members, but it also awards you the opportunity to provide a business card — and a positive impression of your cleaning service.

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