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How to Organize Cleaning Supplies in Your Company Vehicle

August 12, 2022

Many successful cleaning services have a well-equipped and organized company vehicle. Organizing your company vehicle will help prevent wasted time and money from having to find and replace necessary items. The following article will discuss the best methods to follow when organizing your company vehicle.

Benefits of Maintaining an Organized Cleaning Vehicle 

Your cleaning vehicle is also your office. Your supplies, equipment, paperwork, and cleaning solutions are constantly traveling with you. Since cleaning businesses are usually mobile, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is not only fully stocked but also organized. Unorganized spaces can lead to items being lost or damaged over time.

Organizing cleaning products methodically will only aid you in efficiency. Having to fish out tools, equipment, or other supplies will cost you valuable time you could be spending cleaning. Additionally, if clients see that you are unorganized, they may question your professionality.   

5 Tips to Organize Cleaning Supplies in Your Vehicle

Remaining organized is key to running a successful cleaning service. Having your supplies and equipment ready to use will aid you in completing cleaning projects efficiently. The following are five helpful tips to get your cleaning supplies organized properly. 

1. Create a Checklist of All Necessary Supplies 

One of the best ways to remain organized when getting ready for cleaning projects is to create a checklist. Cleaning checklists include all necessary items and equipment in one place to be referenced over and over again.

Keep in mind that not all supplies will remain in your cleaning vehicle. Cleaning solutions and dirty or used towels and sponges will need to be removed from your vehicle overnight. This is because you do not want to trap harmful chemicals and odors inside your workplace. 

It is best to add a note to your checklist about any supplies you have taken out of your vehicle that need to be replaced in the morning. You do not want to leave your place of residence and show up to your cleaning project to find that you are missing supplies. Hence, why including these items on your checklist is smart.

When creating your cleaning supply checklist, include categories. Separating the content of your checklist by cleaning solutions, equipment, tools, and more will aid in making sure you are listing everything. 

2. Have a Ready-to-Use Cleaning Supply Caddy 

In addition to a checklist, a cleaning supply caddy will help you remain organized. Cleaning supply caddies are organizational bins that are divided into multiple pockets. Spray bottles, sponges, brushes, and other ready-to-grab supplies are placed within their own segment. 

Moreover, cleaning caddies are a great way to carry your most used supplies with you as you clean. They also serve as an additional storage place for your supplies when they are not being used. Cleaning caddies’ easy-to-use and grab-and-go style make them the most convenient tool a cleaner can use for any project. 

3. Strategically Place Storage Bins for Additional Cleaning Products

Well-seasoned cleaners know the importance of keeping all cleaning supplies and products organized. Having extra storage bins to organize your stock is always recommended. However, where most cleaners struggle with storage bins is fitting them within their vehicle. 

Before purchasing storage bins, consider the size and type of vehicle you own. Also, think about just how many supplies you have. How would you need your equipment to fit alongside the bins? 

Once you have an understanding of your supplies, products, and equipment, you can determine the size of your storage bins. Just purchasing any storage bins will cost you time and money. You do not want to purchase more storage bins later because the ones you bought upfront are useless. 

Look for bins that are stackable and able to be labeled. This will aid in keeping your supplies organized with enough room left in your vehicle to store your equipment.

4. Clean Up Daily 

Before ending your day completely, make sure to tidy up your vehicle. Throwing away trash, wiping down your supplies and equipment, and gathering used towels and sponges to wash overnight will keep your vehicle clean. 

Having a clean space helps you stay organized and motivated to complete cleaning projects. 

5. Always Take the Time to Restock at the End of the Day 

As you’re tidying your company vehicle at the end of the day, double-check what’s missing or running low. Towels, sponges, cleaning solutions, and other non-reusable items will have to be restocked. 

Purchasing these items in bulk will eliminate the need for constant restocking. However, it is always good to reference your checklist so you’re equipped with the products you need.  

Tailor Your Organization of Cleaning Supplies to Your Vehicle 

Every cleaner has a preference in their vehicle for their cleaning company. Regardless of your vehicle type, you will want to organize your cleaning supplies properly. 


Your everyday car is a sedan. This compact vehicle does have enough room to store basic cleaning supplies and equipment. Storage space can be found in the back seat or trunk of the car. Trunk sizes vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. 

When purchasing your cleaning supplies, make sure to consider what exactly could fit in your vehicle. You can expect to be able to store two or three small storage bins and an average-sized cleaning caddy within the trunk. Any equipment will have to be placed in the back seat. Most vacuums, brooms, and long-armed dusters will prove to be challenging to store in the trunk.


SUVs offer the most space for a self-owned cleaning company. The trunk is typically spacious, and the back seats are adjustable to accommodate bulkier items. You can store up to five extra storage bins and your equipment all in one place. Thus, making this type of vehicle convenient to travel back and forth with your tools.  


This vehicle is typically not recommended for cleaning companies to use. However, you can make them work for you so long as you are strategic in your storage process. 

When going about storing your tools, try your best to place the items in bins. Having loosely stored items in a hatchback can quickly become a mess. Utilizing a trunk organizer will aid in keeping your belongings organized. 

Minivan or Van

Cleaning companies that handle heavy-duty types of cleaning — like restoration, carpet cleaning, or landscaping — utilize a minivan or van. This is because these kinds of cleaning teams need to have more space for larger, bulkier equipment and supplies. 

When organizing these vehicles, think vertically. Unlike other vehicles, minivans and vans have more space available vertically than horizontally. This means that you should be stacking organization bins and files and keeping necessary equipment upright, if possible. You have easier access to your cleaning tools and supplies when done this way. 

Increase Efficiency Within Your Cleaning Service Teams 

Remaining organized will lead to efficiency. Struggling to find supplies, tools, or equipment will only slow you down and appear unprofessional to your clients. Having your vehicle ready, organized, and stocked will always ensure you are able to complete cleaning projects at any given notice. 
Using the Taskbird app will also help streamline your daily cleaning projects. Through the app, you’ll be able to compile your cleaning supply checklists, assign tasks to employees, and send invoices to clients. Download the app today to more efficiently manage your cleaning company.

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