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How to Optimize Your Before and After Cleaning Service Photos

August 05, 2022

A picture is worth a thousand words. Having quality photos of your services is crucial for acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with existing clients. Learn more about how to best take your cleaning service before and after photos.

Showcase Your Cleaning Service Through Quality Photos

As a cleaning service, providing before and after photos of your skills and hard work will benefit you in the long run. 

Quality photos are a bit more of an investment in time and money other than just taking pictures here and there as you work. However, consumers are more likely to hire your services if your pictures are clean, professional, and provide an insight into your performance. 

4 Tips on Taking Before and After Photos of Your Cleaning Service

Snapping quick shots of your work as you go may be more convenient, but it won’t always produce quality photos. As a cleaning service owner, you want to highlight your work in the best way. Providing clients with clean and professional-looking photos will ensure that your hard work is seen and well received. 

Give Your Photos a Professional Touch 

Taking your own photos of your cleaning projects can get tedious. If you take your own cleaning photos with your phone, you are less likely to provide a professional touch to the images. 

Hiring a professional photographer or videographer to come to your cleaning projects will aid in getting the perfect photos. They will know how to properly adjust the camera’s settings, choose the right angles to showcase your hard work, and more. 

Also, professional photographers will be mindful of what you want and do not want to be seen in the images. They will often help you stage the final image to best enhance your accomplishments. 

However, if hiring a professional photographer isn’t within your budget, look into purchasing a camera. You will want a camera that is user-friendly, especially if you’ve never used a professional camera before. 

Cameras that are disposable are not recommended. The images are often blurred or grainy once developed. You also want your images to be downloadable so you can use the photos for marketing efforts. With a disposable camera, this is less likely to be an option.  

The five recommended cameras for beginners are: 

  • Canon EOS Rebel T8i
  • Nikon Z 50
  • Nikon D3500
  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III
  • Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Consider Your Lighting and Setup 

Quality photos depend on how much you take lighting and setup seriously. 

Depending on your schedule, your cleaning projects may be at different times during the day. You will want to be cognizant of what time of day you will be arriving and departing. This will help you understand lighting and how your images will turn out in the end. 

Moreover, you will want to consider how your photos will turn out with either natural or studio lighting. Images that rely on flash typically turn out poorly. If you need to use extra lighting, consider purchasing a ring light or a handheld light diffuser. These studio lighting tools will give your images a softer glow than the harsh flash. 

In addition to the lighting, you will also need to think about your setup. When you first enter the house, you should walk through the home and snap a few images of how the rooms of the home look before you clean them. Also, you can choose to set up a tripod if you don’t feel like you have a steady hand to keep the images from blurring. 

When taking photos after you’ve cleaned, review the before shots of the area to make sure you are capturing the same angle. This will make the before and after photos stronger as a pair.  

Add Finishing Touches  

To spruce up your after photos, adding something extra is always a good idea. Flowers, books, candles, and other pieces of home décor can be strategically placed to enhance the aesthetic of your photo. You can utilize the home décor your clients already have, or you can bring your own décor as props. Either way, try not to make the décor seem more like clutter. Not having enough open spaces can lead the eye to assume that the space shown in the image is still messy. 

Touch-Up Your Final Photos 

Raw images do not always have the best final impression. Even if your natural lighting is perfect and the angle of the room is right, you may still want to consider making some minor edits to the images. Touching up your photos can be done by adjusting the white balance and exposure and contrast. 

For a professional touch to the final photos, Adobe Lightroom is a great editing tool for beginners. Other editing apps or software can rely heavily on filters. Using filters is not recommended as they can damage the overall quality of the photo. Keep your edits simple and focused on lightening the photo to make the image appear more inviting. 

Benefits of Before and After Cleaning Photos

Before and after photos are a great way to build your cleaning business portfolio. These comparison photos will highlight your skills and talents. It will also give you an opportunity to show your customers what they should expect from your cleaning services. This will help pique consumer interest and create a layer of trust before even hiring you. 

How to Leverage Your Cleaning Service Photos 

Your cleaning business portfolio doesn’t have to be used only one way. You’ve put in the work to acquire quality photos of your hard work and skills. Now, it’s time to show them off. 

Promote Your Cleaning Before and After Photos 

Cleaning businesses can benefit from providing existing and new customers photos of their work. 

Utilizing the images as a way to promote your business is the first step to increasing brand awareness. Using the images in social media posts, emails, and other marketing efforts will only aid in getting your skills recognized. The more consumers are aware of what you provide as a service, the more likely they will feel inclined to hire you. 

Include Team Members In the Images 

If you are a cleaning service team, including your team members in your service photos will give your consumers a better understanding of your work dynamics. These kinds of images are good for building and showcasing your company’s personality. Having a company that seems approachable is more inviting to consumers. 

Use Your Before and After Cleaning Photos For Liability 

Unfortunately, you could run into a customer every now and then that doesn’t feel like you performed your services well. Having before and after photos of your work will help to dispute any claims of failure to meet expectations. 

Manage and Share Your Cleaning Service Photos 

Through the Taskbird app, you can easily store, manage, and share your cleaning service photos all in one place. Cleaning service owners can download photos to the app to use as a reference or to check on employee work. Utilizing Taskbird’s app features will help you streamline efficiency within your cleaning service teams.

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