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How to Market a Cleaning Company: Tips for Cleaning Business Owners

January 11, 2022

Back before the internet, marketing for cleaning businesses could be seen through newspaper ads, billboards, emails, and word-of-mouth. While there are still many physical forms of advertising today, digital marketing has become the strongest and most relevant way to attract new customers to a professional cleaning business.

What Is the Best Way to Market a Cleaning Business?

When it comes to cleaning services, word-of-mouth is typically the most important form of marketing — followed by digital marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing occurs when a customer actively discusses their experience or recommendation for a company in regular conversion. The reason for its favorability is because it is free, naturally-driven, and tends to come from trustworthy sources.

Essentially, when a customer loves a service so much they can’t help talking about their satisfaction, naturally, people around them will pick up on their great experience.

Digital marketing follows the importance of word-of-mouth simply because of the dependence today’s world has on technology. This is not to say that any old pop-up ad or digital flier will garner conversions. Rather, a thoughtful cleaning company marketing strategy can drastically increase a business’s digital market share and conversions.

How to Market a Cleaning Service Business: 3 Ways

The trick to any good cleaning company marketing strategy is not only putting out relevant content and information, but it is also putting this information where your target audience is going to see and connect with it.

No matter what types of cleaning your business focuses on, you must have a website or a social media page at the bare minimum. Websites and social pages give customers a point of contact as well as a place to connect with the brand.

While word-of-mouth is essential, it is quite useless if someone who hears about your company cannot find it when performing a simple Google search.

Social media pages are a really great way to begin building an online presence because they’re easy to set up and maintain. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok will help you keep customers up-to-date and engaged, but each platform provides a different value.


What to post:

  • Business updates and announcements
  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Pricing
  • Before and after photos
  • Promotions
  • Team member features
  • Shared posts from your other social media accounts

Use Facebook’s business page function to monitor page visitors, likes, and members. You should also link your website and other social media sites to this page.


What to post:

  • Before and after photos and videos
  • Scenic/aesthetic photos and videos
  • Promotions
  • Cleaning “how-to” videos
  • “Behind the scenes” views of your company

Instagram is a great place to get more followers by using relevant hashtags and eye-catching content. Use Linktree to share multiple landing pages, and include this link in your account bio. This way, everyone who visits the page can see that you have more than one presence online.


What to post:

  • Trend-centric content
  • Before, during, and after videos
  • Explanations
  • Evergreen content

Use TikTok as a way for your audience to connect with your brand — and for your brand to relate to your audience. Increase the market share by using current trends in edits, sounds, and/or themes, all while keeping your content cleaning industry-focused.

This might not seem like the best way to generate conversations, but TikTok can help increase your market share faster than any other social media site today.

Marketing Your Cleaning Business Based on the Buyer’s Journey

Whether you clean residential homes, short-term rentals, commercial buildings, cars, electronics, or pools, there is always a point in time when clients are in high demand of cleaning services — and there is a time when they are in low demand.

Marketing effectively for a cleaning business is making an impression on your clients before they desperately need your service. However, serving new clients in times of desperation is a great way to build your image as a reliable service.

To market in a timely manner you must understand when your clients will be looking for a cleaning service as well as the channels that they are searching for.

For example, short-term rental owners and property managers can have cleaning projects as often as every other day. For a high turnover rate such as this, Facebook Marketplace, TurnoverBnB, and word-of-mouth are going to be effective methods of finding a service provider.

When a homeowner needs a clean on short notice and decides to ask their property manager or realtor for a recommendation, well-timed marketing will come into play.

In this situation, the realtor is going to perform word-of-mouth marketing, and with your efforts already put forth on social media and other digital channels, the realtor might just recommend your service as a viable option.

How Do People Find Your Cleaning Business Online?

When it comes to search engines, keywords are words or phrases that show up repeatedly in similar searches pertaining to the same search subject.

For example, when people search the web for the Super Bowl LVI, they may use keywords such as “football,” “commercials,” “halftime performance,” and “when is Super Bowl LVI.” Any of these terms are likely to bring up information about the 56th Super Bowl, depending on the time of year, since they’re so closely related.

The same theory can be applied to the cleaning industry. Someone searching for a cleaning service might look up “cleaning business near me,” “reliable cleaning business,” “window cleaning,” or another similar phrase. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to their specific needs.

The trick is understanding what your customers are in demand of and matching your keywords to that understanding. Think of keywords as hashtags. You can add multiple hashtags to any post to help boost its searchability. Things like #procleaner, #bestwindowcleaning, and #cleaningbusiness will all boost the likelihood that a Google search will find your account.

The Importance of a Cleaning Company Website

Your website will be very useful as a marketing tool and landing spot for customers searching for your business. Not only can your website contain a plethora of industry-relevant keywords, but it also can and should contain links to all of your other online pages.

When you build your website, it should have a similar layout or theme as the rest of your online pages, as this creates continuity and brand recognition.

That said, it’s likely that as a professional cleaner, you don’t have time to learn how to code a new website. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money hiring someone either, there are a variety of sites that help you build your very own custom website.

You can build a cleaning company website using:

Make sure you read about the features of each site to ensure it aligns with your preferences and business goals.

Get More Tips to Grow Your Cleaning Business

Building an online presence comes from consistency, attentiveness to your audience’s preferences, and continual updates.

Increasing market share will start and finish with your quality of service, but a great digital marketing effort will propel your business into being a consistent choice for your target market.

For more tips to help you start or manage a cleaning business, check out these other resources.

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