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How Cleaning Business Owners Can Build Lasting Relationships With Clients

December 30, 2021

Long-lasting customer relationships create increasingly beneficial paybacks for your cleaning business, regardless of your scale. This article will outline the meaning of a strong, long-term relationship in the cleaning industry and discuss how to build such a connection.

How to form cleaning business relationships as an owner.

Long-lasting customer relationships create increasingly beneficial paybacks for your cleaning business, regardless of your scale. This article will outline the meaning of a strong, long-term relationship in the cleaning industry and discuss how to build such a connection. 

What Does a Lasting Relationship Mean to Business Owners?

One of the greatest questions business owners face is how to acquire, retain, and develop clients into long-term customers. 

The answer to this begins with building a meaningful connection with customers whose purchasing patterns and lifestyles accommodate a long-lasting business relationship. 

A long-term relationship in business is shown by loyalty, consistency, and, most importantly, longevity. Longevity is created by consistency in quality and differentiation in service. This means that long-term clients grow with your business and show their loyalty by their continued purchases. 

How Do Meaningful Client Relationships Help Cleaning Businesses?

A meaningful relationship in the cleaning industry is a relationship where both parties benefit and accrue value from working with one another. Whether you have a commercial, residential, short-term rental, or another type of cleaning company, the greatest asset to you is the trust customers have in your service. 

Trust is the foundation of a meaningful relationship and is formed through consistency, reliability, and quality work. These key points are delivered to the customer and, in turn, their loyalty to your business increases, and the relationship is strengthened.

If the previous two years have taught the world anything, it’s that cleanliness has dramatic effects on someone’s quality of life. For a cleaning business starting out, expanding, or sustaining itself, there is value in understanding how to build quality customer relationships. 

5 Tips for Building Lasting Relationships With Cleaning Clients

1. Put the Customer First 

Before you even begin the relationship with customers, you have to generate relevant leads from reliable sources. 

For cleaning companies, there are online forums that provide massive lists of potential leads, but word of mouth is always a strong source of marketing. 

Once you find a client, you must build from the ground up. 

Understand Their Pain Points 

The first time you meet with a client is not the time to upsell products and services. It’s not even the time to talk about how many projects or satisfied customers you have. 

It is the time to listen and learn from your new customer. Understand their pains and why these issues are happening, then discuss in detail with them how you are going to help solve their problem. 

Treat Them Like a Person, Not a Number 

Learn a little bit about your client and ask plenty of questions that show you are listening. For example, if you are a short-term rental cleaner, ask your client how long they have been hosting or what their favorite part of their property is.

Revisit Their Concerns 

In the early stages of your relationship, it’s key to demonstrate your company’s attentiveness to your customers’ setbacks. This is a great time to build trust by being transparent in your approach to attaining the customer. 

In the beginning, it may be difficult for a lead to commit to your company due to price issues, switching to a new service, and trust. 

To make them feel comfortable with your service, it’s important to address their concerns and reassure them that you are the right one for the job.

2. Stay Up to Date With Clients 

Reiterate Their Pain Points 

Show your clients that you care about their individual needs by reiterating their pains. Doing this demonstrates that you do listen and increases the trust that they have in you to alleviate such pains. 

Walk Them Through Your Solutions 

Telling someone that you’re going to fix something and showing them how you’re going to do it are two very different things. 

Many clients will have very specific methods and products that they will want you to stay true to when cleaning their properties. Be proactive and ask if they would like a walk-through of your service before or during your first cleaning. 

This way there is complete transparency between both parties, and you have the opportunity to learn more about your customer’s preferences. 

Deliver a Quality Service 

This may seem obvious, but the quality of service alongside great customer service will help differentiate your company from the rest. 

Ensure that your business standards are clear and practiced in every job, no matter the size. Solving the cleaning issues of your clients to their satisfaction will strengthen the trust you have built thus far. 

Follow Up After the Service 

Following up with the customer after you have completed the project is essential to building a meaningful, long-lasting relationship. Ask the customer if they are satisfied with the service and what can be improved upon for next time. 

Following up benefits your business with customer knowledge and benefits the customer by letting them be heard. 

3. Cultivate Consistency

Monitor the Standard of Service 

Maintain a high standard of service by actively training your cleaning employees and keeping a close eye on their performance. Video or picture checklists will outline the standards that need to be met for every employee regardless of the location.

Market Your Business Strategically

With email, phone, and social media, you can promote your service during times when the cleaning industry is most active. 

Be careful not to bombard your clients with repetitive emails — instead, utilize thoughtful marketing. Think of the holiday season, back to school, or peak travel times, for example, as opportunities to remind customers about your business. 

Care for Their Individual Needs

Continue to address the pain points that the customer described to you. One cleaning is not enough for any property, so learn what areas of focus a customer values most and bring these up to them. 

In addition, you can be cordial with clients if they are open to talking, as this boosts trust levels. 

4. Welcome Feedback

Allow Customers to Voice Opinions

Give your clients an opportunity to voice their feedback even if it is not favorable. This can be an email, Yelp review, Facebook message, or another channel where customers can rate and review their experience with your business. 

Acknowledge That Feedback Is Heard 

Whenever you receive feedback, it’s essential to respond to the issue or compliment. Respond promptly and deliberately to address the topic of discussion with care and concern. Communicate with a passion to learn from the client, whether it be positive or negative. 

Implement Change Based on Feedback

After reading customer feedback, you must make a decision to act. Implement the change that customers want to see, and acknowledge that these changes were brought on by their request. 

Of course, some things can not be changed so easily, but it is still important to pay note to issues and address your shared concerns. 

5. Show Your Appreciation

Say Thank You

Thank your customers after a service has been completed, send out thank you letters during the holidays, and express your gratitude for their business. 

Communicate to them that you are grateful to be working with them to show them that they are more than a number

Give Back to Customers 

Whether you use rewards, discounts, or gifts, giving back to your customers is a wonderful way to retain and enforce meaningful relationships. 

  • Rewards are a great way to show that continued support can turn into a benefit.
  • Discounts will encourage another service request and keep the customer from searching for alternatives that may be cheaper.
  • Gifts are a personable way to say thank you and will help them connect more with your company. 

Try These Proven Ways to Build Long-Term Client Relationships

Once you create long-term client relationships, you increase the likelihood of them recommending your business to their network. This means that your original client will give you a steady stream of revenue, but they will also provide a chain of potential leads. 

By following our 5 tips for building meaningful and lasting relationships in the cleaning industry, your business will be prepared to attain, keep, and transform customers into great long-term assets. 

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