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How to Find Clients for Cleaning Services and Generate Valuable Leads

January 14, 2022

This article was written by cleaning professional, Cassiopeia Hatten. Over the years, she has attempted various ways to obtain new clients, and her hope is that sharing them with you brings you more business than you can handle. Keep reading to learn her tips to find and retain loyal customers for your cleaning service business.

Methods to Find Clients for Your Cleaning Business Have Changed

There is no “one-size fits all” method to finding and obtaining clients for your vacation rental cleaning business. However, there are many methods you can try until you find which works best for you and the area in which you work.

Before there was Vrbo or Airbnb, there were solely brick and mortar rental property management companies with physical office space.

Having a small stack of business cards printed with my name, contact information, and services, I went early on a Monday morning in 2006 and visited all the rental companies within driving distance to me. I talked to several companies and ended the day with multiple job offers. I even secured a contract before the business day was over.

Now, with the internet being so readily available to most people, it makes sense to digitally search for clients too.

How to Find Customers for Cleaning Services Online

Since the pandemic began, the demand for cleaning services has drastically increased along with what’s expected of cleaners. Fortunately, now, cleaners don’t even have to leave home to look for work.

Facebook is a great place to start to find clients for your short-term rental cleaning business. You can join groups specifically designed for cleaners and hospitality workers. These groups contain property owners and cleaners alike who are all part of a growing industry.

Nextdoor is another helpful channel to find and secure local cleaning gigs. The app has mostly residential work, but you can find short-term rental cleaning jobs too.

Additionally, I recommend downloading TurnoverBnB, a platform for Airbnb hosts to connect with cleaners. To become a cleaner on TurnoverBnB and find new clients, you’ll need to submit an application.

How you present yourself within this application is key. There are options to help set your business apart, such as writing a brief profile description and adding badges to show that you are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Once a host makes an offer and is looking for a cleaning service, you’ll be notified that a job is available to bid on. Please take care not to underbid yourself — in the Airbnb world, cleaners are absolutely essential.

Finding Cleaning Clients Through Word-of-Mouth

My first Airbnb cleaning client came from a host posting an ad on Facebook. My second client was the result of word-of-mouth marketing.

TurnoverBnB app

In this instance, the second customer spoke to the first and asked whether she knew of any local professional cleaners. My first client asked if she could pass along my contact information — which I happily gave — and what resulted was another lasting client relationship.

To increase word-of-mouth clientele, you must be reliable, professional, and have great communication skills. Start with answering potential business calls in a professional manner. Instead of saying simply “hello,” answer the phone by saying your business’s name and asking with what cleaning services you can assist the caller.

Portray confidence not only in your capability to clean but also in your ability to earn and keep a customer’s business. Additionally, take time to find out what tasks are most important to your clients and focus extra attention on them. Lastly, be willing to correct any mistakes you make.

Doing these things will help you enhance your business’s value and profits, as most people are happy to pay you very well if you do good work and are reliable.

Keeping Cleaning Clients by Building a Positive Reputation

It takes time to build a reputation of being a good cleaner and reliable service provider, but it is well worth it if you want to retain satisfied customers.

Before your first cleaning assignment with each customer, discuss with them what they can expect from your services. This will not only help you understand what’s important to the client, but it will also keep everyone on the same page. Plus, it’s important to let people know what they are getting for their money.

To continue, you can create a positive reputation for your cleaning business by consistently sharpening your skills. Knowing what cleaning products work for what surfaces, the best way to sanitize a bathroom, and how to make a home feel warm and welcoming — all of these things are valuable.

Having a habit of always double-checking your work can also make you a better, more reliable cleaner. It’s best to catch your own mistakes and not a short-term rental host or guest.

Once you become a seasoned cleaner, know that you can and should charge more for your cleaning services. This is because you’re charging for your time and your skill, knowledge, and experience.

Grow Your Customer Base, Then Grow Your Team

If you want to clean in the short-term rental industry, being flexible is a huge plus. You might land a last-minute clean, and if you’re already booked, you could lose out on repeat business. When you’re at this point, it may be time to look for other cleaners to join your team.

All in all, clean thoroughly, be consistent, and keep an open line of communication with your customers. Good communication skills help build trust between customers and service providers.

As you do these things and watch your business grow, you may even have to hire help… I know I did! And you can easily manage your growing team with the Taskbird app.

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