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Make a Booking Site for Your Business

February 04, 2023

Managing your service business has just gotten easier with Taskbird’s new Booking Site feature. Learn more on how to enable this easy-to-use tool to attract new customers, simplify job scheduling, and maximize your productivity.

What is a Booking Site for Appointment Scheduling?? 

Taskbird’s custom Booking Site feature is a tool that lets current and prospective customers book services directly from your website or social media profile. Also known as a booking widget or scheduling widget, this direct-booking technology reduces the need for phone calls, emails, voicemails, and returned messages. 

When you create and enable a Taskbird Booking Site, all incoming customer and job information is integrated directly into your Taskbird account, further streamlining your business and team management efficiencies. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. 

Why Should You Make a Booking Site?

The short answer is that a booking site will boost your competitiveness. How many potential customers have you missed out on because you were not immediately available to answer basic questions and schedule services over the phone? Or, how often do you play calendar tag with customers, trying to zero in on a date and time that work for both of you? 

Offering a booking site reduces that back-and-forth and creates a more customer-friendly process for hiring you and your business. Rather than having to call you or your office to schedule an appointment, your Taskbird Booking Site allows customers to see available dates and times, review pricing and service offerings, and schedule service during an open and appropriate time slot. 

Make appointment scheduling easy and convenient via a 24/7 online Booking Site. This new tool will automate your scheduling and simplify communications with current and new customers alike, saving you time and hassle. 

Service owner setting up their booking site from anywhere

How Does the Taskbird Booking Site Work? 

Once you make a booking site and enable it on your website and social media profiles, the tool does the tedious work of scheduling appointments for you. 

  • Simple Setup – Make a booking site specific to your business. No coding. No hard-to-follow tech speak. Keep in mind that you can make changes and additions to your site at any time. Taskbird’s Booking Site is easy to set up, simple to install, and uncomplicated to manage.
  • Detailed Information for Clients – Easily manage your service business by allowing your customers to have a comprehensive view of everything you offer. List your business information, service hours, booking preferences, prices, service options, and more. 
  • Build Your Brand – Customize your site to showcase your company’s brand with your logo and colors. Upload frequently asked questions to share your competitive advantages and help prospective customers make informed decisions. And, create auto generated confirmation emails that express your appreciation for their business and let booked customers know precisely what to expect next.  

Increase Bookings with a Taskbird Booking Site 

With your Taskbird Booking Site up and running, you can scale your service business by simplifying convenient appointment scheduling for customers.. If you have questions about how to make a  Booking Site or other tools provided by Taskbird, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team via the intercom for assistance 24/7 or schedule a demo call today with 

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