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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Cleaning Service

September 21, 2021

Too much to do? Not enough time? Here are 7 reasons why you should hire a professional house cleaning service to tidy up your place.

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When the tasks pile up and there’s too much to be done, a cleaning service can tackle anything. In this article, we’ll go over the top 7 reasons to hire a cleaning service.

1. Chemicals & Equipment

A cleaning service will have the chemicals and equipment more suitable for a thorough deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is more than the standard wiping of kitchen countertops or mopping the kitchen floor. For more robust projects, a professional service has the training to operate certain machinery to deep clean a unit.

This type of cleaning requires more elbow grease and chemicals that most people wouldn’t have inside of their homes. Hiring a professional team eliminates the risk of exposing yourself to harsh chemicals or injuring yourself when operating equipment.

For instance, if your carpets are dirty, a professional cleaning service can bring their fabric cleaning vacuum to tackle heavier stains.

2. Time

Professional cleaners are pros at what they do! They know which areas would take them the most time to clean and how many cleaners are needed to get the job done.

They are also empathic about having strangers in your home and that it may be a bit uncomfortable. A good cleaning team will never jeopardize your safety, comfort or property.

Additionally, you will have much more time on your hands. Hiring a cleaning team ensures that you will have free time doing the things that truly make you happy, and not worrying about the dust thats accumulated under your couch.

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3. Dusting

A professional cleaning service will dust all of your knick-knacks and the high and low areas of your home. Since dusting can be quite time-consuming, leave it to the pros to do a thorough job of collecting all of the dust and disposing of it. Proper dusting will clean the airflow in your house, ridding the air of dust, pollen, mites, dirt, and allergens. See our dusting guide for a more robust checklist and instructions on dusting an area.

Additionally, dusting can involve inhaling harsh allergens. A professional cleaner comes prepared with personal protection equipment to dust all the areas of a home.

4. Baseboards

Cleaning baseboards is one of those chores that feels optional, but should be cleaned regularly. Baseboards are where pet hair and dust and scuff marks gather, which can make even the cleanest home seem dirty. 

Once the baseboards are clean, your walls and floor will look cleaner as a result. A fresh coat of paint after a deep cleaning will make your baseboards look good as new. It’s best to hire a cleaning service with trained professionals that know how to clean baseboards thoroughly but quickly.

5. Bathroom

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Experts recommend scrubbing the toilet once a week and your bath/shower every two weeks. Cleaning the bathroom also means wiping out sinks and faucets with cleaner, cleaning mirrors, scrubbing counters, sweeping/mopping the floor, and emptying the trash. These mundane and back-breaking tasks are better left for the professionals.

Even if you have a professional cleaner come in to help, you’ll need to spot-clean the bathroom in-between visits. However, a professional deep clean for your bathroom will save you time, legwork and manpower to focus your time on other activities.

6. Windows

Cleaning windows are usually forgotten about or done poorly. Unfortunately, windows are the perfect harbor for dirt and grime. Let the professionals come and clean beyond your reach and leave your windows streak-free. Cleaners know how to get into the nooks and crannies of a window to clear out all the gunk.

7. A Professional Will Do a Better Job

The dreaded soap scum found inside of your shower or caked food stains inside of your oven. Professionals remove the stains that most people can not. They also have access to special equipment that cleans better than your home tools.

Whether you want to save time or ensure that your property is as clean as possible, hiring a cleaning service can help you achieve it.

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