Running a Cleaning Business

7 do's and don'ts of running a cleaning business

June 30, 2021

We've compiled a list of tips for you to keep your cleaning business organized.

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From harnessing the power of technology to staying organized, we’ve gathered the top time and money-saving tips for your cleaning business to run smoothly.

Do: Create a plan

Before arriving at your cleaning site, have a thorough plan prepared to maximize your time. It’s important to know which tasks you will tackle first and the supplies you will need to do so. Organize your supply cart ahead of time and become familiar with its layout.

Check out our Airbnb Cleaning Checklist to make sure you’re checking all the boxes when cleaning for both vacation rentals and residential cleaning. The additional tips we’ve provided below will also help you to create the most effective cleaning plan.

Don’t: Clean room by room

Instead of working on one bedroom at a time, choose one task to complete around the entire house. You should always start a clean by completing the tasks that take the longest. For instance, strip the beds and wash all dirty linens as that is the most time-consuming chore. Also, check for dishes throughout the property and start-up the dishwasher so you can unload the clean dishes as one of your last tasks.

You’ll want to pick specific tasks to tackle throughout the property. For example, don’t complete the master bedroom before moving onto the guest bedroom. Instead, grab your duster and begin dusting every room in the house then move on to wiping all windows. This allows you to get into the rhythm of completing one task before moving onto the next. Additionally, cleaning each room individually can make the process seem tedious and repetitive. You don’t want the loss of motivation to slow you down.

Do: Clean from top to bottom

One of the most well-known tips in the cleaning world is to work from top to bottom. This means that you should clean the highest places of the home or office before cleaning the lowest ones. For example, work on dusting the top of your cupboards before mopping the floors. Why is this important? Dust and dirt will fall to the ground while you’re cleaning these high surfaces. Therefore, if you were to clean the floor prior to this, it will get dirty once again and make your cleaning efforts a waste. Always remember to clean your floors last! For more information on this method of cleaning, click here.

Don’t: Listen to distracting music

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Although it seems like a good idea to clean while listening to your favorite songs, this can possibly be a distraction. Instead of being focused, you may get sidetracked and sing or dance along to the music. Therefore, be mindful of what you choose to listen to while cleaning. Some people work best while listening to calming genres such as classical.

One alternative to music is podcasts. These audio recordings provide interesting and insightful information on any topic imaginable. Use a podcast to remain concentrated and in the zone. Click here to view our list of the best podcasts to listen to as a cleaning business owner.

Do: Invest in a robot vacuum

technology like automated vacuums are a good tip to save time in your cleaning business

With new technology constantly being invented, there are many appliances that your cleaning business can take advantage of. Among these smart appliances is the robotic vacuum. This is an effective tool as you can keep the vacuum running while cleaning other areas of the house. Additionally, a robotic vacuum is much smaller and more convenient than a traditional vacuum.

Not only will it save space but you also won’t have to deal with those stubborn cords being in your way. Click here to view an article by The New York Times which has the most up-to-date information on the top robot vacuum cleaners. In addition to robot vacuums, you can utilize other technologies to enhance your cleaning service. Check out this post on Helpful Gadgets For Your Cleaning Service to see how everyday technology items such as a smartphone and smartwatch can make your business more efficient.

Don’t: Forget about small spaces

When cleaning any type of property, it can be easy to forget about the tight spaces. Areas like light switches, fingerprints, faucets, remotes, and door handles can preserve dust and bacteria easily. Make sure to wipe these spots down thoroughly each clean. The insides of drawers and lampshades collect dust pretty quickly. Ledges and floorboards also need to be wiped down during every turnover. Use disinfecting wipes or a clean cloth and all-purpose spray to wipe everything clean. Bonus: a magic eraser is your friend for all things fingerprint-related.

Do: Keep cleaning tools on you at all times

Have all of your essential supplies in a tool belt, caddy, or cart to keep everything on hand. This will make the cleaning process much easier and convenient. Additionally, it will make the loading and unloading process of your supplies more efficient. It’s not necessary to purchase an expensive crate if you are unable to do so. Instead, a $10 caddy will suffice as long as it gets the job done. Click here to view a curated list of cleaning caddies from blogger @annchristina with a wide range of price points and styles.

Next Steps

In conclusion, it can be overwhelming to start and run your own cleaning business. However, preparing a plan ahead of time can help to ease some of your worries. Use some of our tips such as the top to bottom cleaning method to create the most effective plan for your cleaning business.

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