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5 Ways to Grow A Cleaning Service Business

August 13, 2021

Here are 5 ways to grow a cleaning service business.

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Whether you’re just starting your cleaning service business or currently operating, it is important to have a plan that strives towards achieving manageable growth. Ensuring that your team is aware of your business goals and objectives is key to your business’s success. Creating and sustaining a competitive advantage is often one of the most challenging aspects.

Here are five different ways to grow a cleaning service business. 

1. Market Research

To start market research it is most important to solidify your basic offering as a business. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problem are we planning to solve with our service?
  • How will we offer this service? 
  • Who will we target that will buy our service?

Once answered, look on the internet to understand what current businesses or competitors are offering. You or your team can do this by searching Google for the service you have in mind.

If there are businesses currently operating, take note of their product or service offerings along with their prices. Furthermore, study the brand itself and see who its target customers are. 

Looking at customer reviews on their own personal website or other websites such as Yelp or Google is a great way to conduct research. In doing so, you will be able to directly see what is working for their business and where they are having trouble. With their pros and cons in mind, you can begin structuring or restructuring your cleaning service business with credible data. 

MVP: Minimum Viable Product

Another method is creating a credible product or service is launching it in an early manner with a focus on obtaining customer feedback to restructure your offering. By doing this, you can clearly obtain ways to revamp your offering with a direct line of customer feedback. 


Finally, if you are unsure what to offer or are wanting a clear vision of what your current business should be offering, you can always conduct surveys. You can simply use a marketing funnel such as Facebook or Google ads to gather your desired participants that will be directed to click a survey link. If your business has a social media account with a following, you can ask your audience for feedback. 

2. The 4 Ps (Marketing Mix)

To ensure sustainable competitive advantage regarding marketing your business, conduct the 4 Ps of marketing mix analysis.


The product aspect clearly defines what your cleaning service business is offering to your customers based on a lack of service in the current market or an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage against a competitor.


How much will you charge for your product or service? Here are three common ways that can be used to determine how much your customers will pay. 

  • Penetration pricing: For new businesses or current ones entering a new market, this strategy consists of setting a low price at the start then raising it once a credible customer base is established.
  • Competitive pricing: If your business is looking at gaining more market share, simply set the price of your service at the same or lower of your competitors. 
  • Cost-plus pricing: By participating in this method, your business adds up the cost of doing business then adding a mark-up.

This stage deals with the location of where your business will be operating and marketing its services.


The promotion aspect addresses what methods will be used to market your product or service. Some examples of marketing consist of social media funnels via digital ads, email marketing, and radio ads. 

Creating and understanding how the 4 Ps interact within your marketing development process is crucial to gaining insight as to what works best for your business. 

3. SWOT Analysis

In order to grow a cleaning service business, one must conduct an internal and external analysis. Similar to some aspects of the 4 Ps, the SWOT analysis addresses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business as a whole. 


Reflect upon what the firm’s competitive advantages are. Here is a list of some of the potential strengths one should look for.

  • Strong customer service
  • High engagement with customers via social media
  • Low overhead resulting in high profit margins
  • Fast cleaning times
  • High and supportive customer reviews

Even though your team may want to tackle and improve all aspects of your cleaning service business, it is critical that you prioritize and solidify your best service or product offering then diversify into other sectors.


State what your business is currently struggling with or lacks. Additionally, some examples of a company’s weaknesses can be a limit on resources or labor, unclear target market, or competitive disadvantage due to a stronger competitor.


Opportunities can be referred to as untapped potential that your business can use for its benefit. For instance, your team may have found an untapped niche market with high demand. There may be low competition in the area or a chance to be featured by the news or those who have a large network.


By studying the potential threats of a business, you will be able to strategically adjust your strategy to ensure that market dominance is sustained. Look out for emerging competitors, negative customer reviews, and regulatory concerns. 

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4. Social Media

To grow a cleaning service business in the modern world requires building a branded social media page. This is an opportunity to reach millions of people while communicating a clear brand message. Still, the following points will ensure that your pages are updated to achieve maximum growth.

Business Account

A social media page is the doorway to gathering customers, public relations outpost, and marketing center. By utilizing Tiktok, Instagram, etc. brands can communicate directly on a mass scale while showing proof of their work. Take a look at the following to optimize your social media page.

  • Structure: Creating an aesthetically appealing profile is key to retaining retention rates. 
  • Profile picture: The profile picture should display a clear image of your brand’s logo
  • Aesthetic: Be certain to structure your posts in a way that captures attention once someone clicks on your page. Some examples consist of using the same font, color-coded in regards to your company logo, and consistency regarding general content. 
  • Bio: Bios are meant for stating your brand’s purpose, perspective, and opening hours. 
  • Outlink: Link your personal website to your social media pages. This is a great way to funnel external traffic into your brand’s website. 
  • Story highlight: Specific to Instagram, brands utilize this feature to showcase glowing customer testimonials, proof of work, and other supporting features. 
  • Stories: Apps that have story functionality are meant for quick updates regarding your brand. 
  • Content: Content is king when it comes to building a social media page. Providing free information with concern to how your business performs is a great way to give insight as to why people should follow you. Another engaging post would be to display before and after evidence regarding past cleaning projects. Lastly, utilizing different features such as reels, pictures, and extended videos is a recipe for success since it incorporates various styles of content. One of the fastest ways to grow a brand would be to follow digital trends as long as they align with your brand’s image. 

Social media pages are now thought of as the hub of their public relations department. With this being said, be swift to respond to any questions your audience asks whether that be on direct messages or comments on posts. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other users and brands in a professional manner. Remember, those who give engagement often get engagement. 


An influencer is an individual that has a large following on social media. They are paid in exchange for featuring your brand throughout their network.  In today’s world influencer marketing is a targeting method to gaining mass exposure on a personalized method. 

How to find the right influencer for your brand: When searching for an influencer, it is crucial that their content is related to your cleaning services offered. While that may be difficult to find, you may want to find some that are zoned closest to your business’s operation. Approaching with compliments, your brand’s purpose, and your proposal are some of the basic aspects that should be included in the conversation. Arguably the most important factor in their level of engagement. Additionally, take note of the number of likes or views they have in regards to their amount of followers. 


Conducting a giveaway involves giving away a free product or service on social media in exchange for the participant to share the post to others via comments or their own story. In doing so, this can build up your brand’s following as well as increasing the number of leads. When it comes to choosing what to giveaway, take into consideration that the greater the offering, the more engagement you will get. 

Affiliate Marketing

The last tactic that can be used to grow a cleaning service business via social media is affiliate marketing. This system works by giving an individual a personal discount code that they can share with friends and family. Anytime someone uses that code, the person that shared it will get a small commission. 

How to price discounts and affiliate commission: 

Who should be allowed to use an affiliate code? Giving out an affiliate code depends on what type of brand image your cleaning service business is trying to cultivate. In other words, to create a more connected and open business, anyone will be able to use this tactic. On the contrary, if the brand is prestigious, limiting the use of the code to individuals through certain factors like the number of followers builds more credibility. 

5. Customer Feedback 

Finally, as mentioned previously, gathering customer feedback and maintaining high ratings is the best way to grow a cleaning service business. With this data in hand, you can find out exactly what is or is not working for your business. 


Ratings on websites like Google reviews and Yelp often dictate how a consumer decides on their purchase. To boost one’s ratings there are various methods as stated below.

  • Offer incentives such as a free or discounted service in exchange for feedback.
  • Reply to negative comments clearly stating how your brand has solved the problem.
  • Set up email or text campaigns reminding your previous clients in a friendly way to write reviews.   
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